From the beginning of company activity the quality of our products has always constituted an absolute priority within all activities undertaken by our company, the fact that has led to a decision with regard the implementation of the quality guarantee system compliant with the requirements of ISO. As contract type of manufacturer we have to meet all of our clients’ expectations from various areas of industry, that is why in order to ensure the highest quality of products what is indispensable is the engagement of the every employee as well as adequate Project design of all processes within the company.

Certyfikaty ISO


Our mission stipulates the requirements compliant with the provisions of the Politics of Integrated Quality Management System:

"The attainment of the post of strategic contractor of metal products for leading companies upon the European market".

BMT PRO obtains the required quality and protects the natural environment via the adoption of:

  • Permanent striving towards the obtainment of the highest quality of product, which meets system based as well as clients’ expectations
  • Obtainment of the increase of the timeliness of execution of high quality services
  • Periodical review of our procedures and processes in such manner so that to take the changing conditions and requirements into the consideration in order for the further mastering of obtained results
  • Further development of co-operation with suppliers and co-operating entities based upon the mutual respecting of Clients’ requirements as well as business co-operation based upon the principle of good, mutual relations
  • The fulfilment of the planned waste management programme
  • Fulfilment of legal requirements as well as other natural environment protection oriented standards
  • Recruitment of employees of adequate professional preparation as well as of required skills
  • Constant increase of qualifications as well as employee awareness within the scope of product quality, manufacturing technology and natural environment protection as well as their direction at the proper engagement within the executed processes


Our quality management system is above all constituted by the adequately prepared documentation as well as precise code of conduct, which are subject to regular verification by our Quality Department specialists. The process type of approach we apply in practice, translates to the assessment of purchase, warehouse, manufacturing as well as distribution processes the fact that allows us to eliminate defects and creates adequate possibilities for further enhancements. The foundation guaranteeing the maintaining of adequate product quality within BMT PRO is not only constituted by entry, ongoing and exit type of supervision and assessment, but also by adequate project design and implementation of the whole process.


  • Our clients’ satisfaction is monitored with the application of the analysis of placed complaints as well as internal shortcomings but also through the collection of remarks as well as client submitted suggestions.
  • All information on the topic of internal shortcomings are presented within the form of 4 box type of reports.
  • Wherever applicable we also employ correction type of activities with the application of the PDCA method as well as 8D reports.
  • In the process of new product implementation what we also employ are PPAP type of reports.
  • We also employ FMEA methods topped with a Verification Plan to suit the needs of prevention of results of any potential errors, which may occur in the process of implementation of serial manufacturing.
  • The Gauge R&R analysis is applied in the process of execution of repeatability and repetitiveness analyses.
  • Depending on our clients’ needs we are open to the possibility of application of other quality tools in order to meet additional requirements