BMT PRO is an engineering and manufacturing company, the establishment of which has been initiated by the group of foreign companies, which have been operating within the sector of mechanical processing of steel ever since the year 1944. Thanks to the aforementioned partnership we are a reliable, well organized and experienced company within the field of international operation. Our largest receivers are constituted by large companies located in Poland, Spain, Germany and Scandinavia.

We, above all, specialise in the process of manufacturing of elements made of aluminium as well as black, stainless and galvanised steel. Additionally we offer partial and complete assembly of duplex structures, as well as the organization of small and wholesale transport upon the territory of whole Europe.

Exceptionally valuable co-operation with numerous companies based within various industry sectors, over the scope of years have enabled us the systematic increase of our employees’ knowledge and qualifications. Supported by latest technologies, the aforementioned traits, allow us to offer the highest quality of products within short execution deadlines, at the competitive price range.


The fact of initiation of co-operation with BMT PRO enables for the limitation of operational costs and in parallel to receive the completed product within a very short period of time. We are faster and less expensive since manufacturing services constitute our key activity, the fact that also possesses a significant influence upon the unchanging high quality of our products.

Our strength is also constituted by the comprehensive scope of offered services, which include:

  • 2D/3D design in accordance to client’s documentation or development of unique structures from the scratch + the construction of prototypes (SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD software)
  • Small and large amount manufacturing process + product optimisation
  • Internal process quality control, supervision and control of suppliers, computer based production process monitoring
  • Wholesale or partial assembly
  • Surface covers (powder as well as wet type of painting, galvanisation, anodation processes)
  • Monitoring of order status with the application of ERP system as well as organisation of transport upon the territory of the whole Europe
  • Manufacturing of elements from aluminium as well as the every type of galvanised, black and stainless steel
  • The offer is directed to the every sector of the industry: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, renewable energy, construction industry, shipyards, electronics, telecommunications, medical equipment


Processes we posses at our disposal

  • Laser cutting
  • Cutting with the application of revolving punching device
  • Bending with the application of edge presses
  • Welding
  • Heat processing
  • Threading
  • Fitting of inserts
  • Surface processing
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly

Machine park

Our machine park has been based upon machinery and devices manufactured by leading manufacturers such as AMADAASPAHAEGER and LORCH.